viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

Bassnectar - Divergent Spectrum Remixes [FREE DOWNLOAD]

We have been compiling various remixes from the Divergent Spectrum tracklist, and decided to put together a free pack of a few favorites. Keep on the look out for other versions from a multitude of friends and artists as they drop out of various corners the digital sky.
Although it’s intended mostly for DJs (each track is on the harder edge of the spectrum, targeting dancefloors and flash mobs of bass heads who want to rage) we wanted to make it available to anyone and everyone, for free.

Track list:

Upside Down (Bassnectar & Terravita Remix)
Red Step (Steve Aoki Remix)
Voodoo (Bassnectar & ill.Gates Remix)
Heads Up (The Glitch Mob Remix)
Voodoo (Beats Antique Remix)

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